Can You Help Accommodate Japan?

As we are all well aware of the recent tragedies in Japan, some people are asking,
what else can be done?
Financial aid alone may not be enough to help the people of Japan.

Accommodate Japan:

Is a idea, based to further aid the people living in Japan by open-hearted citizens
willing to share their homes with those displaced by the crisis in Japan.

To achieve this they have created the Facebook page accommodate Japan as a virtual meeting place where those in need of shelter can find places to stay. If you or anyone you know can provide temporary shelter to Japanese citizens in need please post your contact details on the site.

For those of you in touch with loved ones at home in Japan, please direct them and the
people they know to the page so we can help find them a place to be comfortable and safe.

For more information:

Please join this Facebook group and spread the word to those in Japan who you might know who may need help. They are ready to open our homes and our hearts to you.

We are one world, one community, one circle of friends.

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