Following the March 11th Earthquake: Imminent Japan Recovery

We have received numerous emails from our friends living abroad. We would like to thank you all for your concern and being so kindhearted about Japan. Everyone at My Tokyo Guide are safe and now focus on what we should do next.

We hope that the days will soon come when nuclear concern will be dispelled, transportation will be back in normal, and we will say that you can visit Japan without concern. Let us emphasize that our fundamental strength and beauty of this country – unique culture, excellent food, scenic beauty and, above all, friendly and kind people – are unchanged.

There is no doubt that Japan will go through tough times. However, we are proud to let you know how determined many people are here in Japan to recover this country. Japanese people are coping with this tragedy calmly with a sense of solidarity.

We are looking forward to creating your memorable Japan holiday.

To those who’d like to donate to the relief efforts we recommend using the Google Crisis Page, which allows direct donations to the Red Cross, Save the Children, and Unicef.

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