Maple boxed lunches

To coincide with the autumn season Westin Miyako in Kyoto now is offering maple lunches:

The leaves have been turning color as fall deepens in the ancient capital of Kyoto, renowned for its many prime spots to view the autumn foliage. With many people from around Japan and beyond heading there to enjoy the colorful scene, The Westin Miyako Kyoto is offering a special boxed lunch, called Momiji Bento, through Dec. 17.

The dishes included are made from a variety of ingredients fresh from the autumn harvest and contain many kinds of authentic Japanese specialities, such as stewed chestnuts in soy sauce and sugar, roast duck flavored with miso, marinated scallops, ginkgo nuts, roast eggplants and rice with matsutake mushrooms.

The colorful lunch box, easy to take along on fall foliage sightseeing trips, matches with the autumn scenery.

The boxed lunch is only available for takeout at the Mayfair Tea Room in the hotel at ¥3,500, including tax. Reservations are required by 6 p.m. at least one day before purchase.

The Westin Miyako Kyoto is a 1-minute walk from Keage Station on the Kyoto City Subway Tozai Line. A shuttle bus service is available from Kyoto Station.


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