Mt. Fuji Climbing Tips!

Those who have not conquered it dream about it, those who have are forever inspired by it. Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan situated at the border of southeastern Yamanashi and Shizuoka. With its unrivaled magnificence and beautiful conic shape, Mt. Fuji is prominently the symbol of Japan. Our explorer is proud to take you on this once-in-a-life time adventure to experience nature at its finest.

July and August are the official climbing months. During the two months, the mountain is usually free of snow, the weather is relatively mild, access to the 5th station is easy and the mountain huts are open. Everybody without much hiking experience is strongly advised to tackle the mountain during the official climbing season. Mt. Fuji can be climbed by beginners but please keep in mind, it is Japan’s highest mountain and is at an elevation of 3776m. It is harder than hiking and thus mountain climbing equipment. The temperature can be below zero at the summit, and strong winds makes it seem even colder. Rain gear is also recommended, for unpredictable weather conditions.

What to Bring – Climbing Checklist:

  • 1. Sturdy Climbing Shoes – Comfortable and waterproof
  • 2. Rain Jacket & Pants – Water and wind resistant with hood, Gore-Tex preferred
  • 3. Light Pack-Sack – with a capacity of at least 25L
  • 4. Socks & Base layer – wool or synthetics, wearing cotton is not recommended
  • 5. Warm Clothes – Comfortable pants & Sweater – lightweight fleece
  • 6. Gloves – to keep your hands warm at nights and provide protection
  • 7. Light – Head lamp or a hand flashlight – for climbing in the dark
  • 8. Trekking Poles – Provide good stability and reduces stress on the knees
  • 9. High Energy Snacks – Power-Bars, Chocolate, Nuts
  • 10. Water – One liter bottle to start, more can be bought later
  • 11. Pack-Sack Cover – most backpacks are not waterproof
  • 12. Hat – otherwise a bandana or towel – provides protection from sun and heat
  • 13. Sunglasses & Sunscreen – FP factor 30++
  • 14. ¥100 Coins- Restroom facilities from the 5th station onward require ¥200
  • 15. Cash – Credit cards are not taken on the mountain
  • 16. Camera – to capture the most spectacular sunrise you will ever witness

**For information on Mt. Fuji climbing tours see the following link:
Mt. Fuji Climbing Tours

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