Kusatsu Onsen Resort 2 Day Package

If you visit Kusatsu onsen (Hot Springs) in Gunma Prefecture; which is one of the most famous hot spring resorts in Japan; our recommendation is to do all your sightseeing and skiing first, as once you soak yourself in the Kusatsu famous steaming hot spring, you will not have enough energy to do anything else but relax and sleep…

Kusatsu has been ranked first place for nine consecutive years since 2003 in the Japan’s 100 Best Onsen Resorts based on the survey spanning professionals in the tourism industry. Also, their water is selected as one of the Three Spring Waters, along with Arima Onsen (Hyogo prefecture) and Gero Onsen (Gifu prefecture) (2) During the set period, the tour departs daily from Shinjuku. Departure is guaranteed with only 2 participants♪

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2 Responses to Kusatsu Onsen Resort 2 Day Package

  1. RS says:

    Where can I find more about the Kusatsu onsen 2 day package? Interested to visit the place during Golden week (May)…

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