Client Testimonials

Every now and then we get some great feedback from our clients that we like to share, this particular client had actually booked a travel package with us just before the great earthquake and after the earthquake decided to delay visiting Japan for nearly 1.5 yrs. but eventually deciding to visit Japan this month and were very glad they did…

Here are just a few comments from their travel in Japan:

Linda (Australia) (After delaying they’re trip 1.5 yrs. after Big Tsunami they finally decided to visit Japan!)

Couple Trip – (Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Izu)

After all this time, to finally get here and see and do so many wonderful things is fabulous. Our guides were lovely, Atsko showed us through the fish markets and was very helpful in introducing us to Japan, the people and the culture. And the food!

And then Hiro-San, such a lovely man with a great sense of humour. Shame Mt Fuji decided to hide from us ( we finally saw it yesterday from the train). Once again he showed us more of the culture and this time so much of the history as well. We were a little daunted when he presented us with a black egg ;-/ but it was all good!

Midori showed us her lovely city and explained so much of the differences between life between Kyoto and Tokyo. And also some more history – what a rich culture and history you have.

The hotels were all lovely and in great positions – easy access and very comfortable.

And now, here I sit in the sun in the window of the Ryokan after a delicious breakfast, about to take my third and final trip to the baths, having already had a truly amazing banquet for dinner last night and a bedtime massage.

Thank you again for organizing it for us. Linda

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