Cycling Tour Boom in Japan:

Recently, there seems to be a bit of a cycling tour boom in Japan, with more and more travelers preferring a more intimate outdoor first-hand experience than the typical group bus tour that we have all taken at one time or another. Cycle tours in Japan are on the rise with more accessible trails and experienced guides emerging, thus creating an unique personal tour experience to selected out-of-the-way remote areas of Japan that until now where not available to the general public.

The following are some Cycle Tours currently available in Japan, with each location offering a uniquely different perspective. Tokyo also has various cycle tours available, nevertheless due to the scarcity of actual cycle only routes available in Tokyo, we have listed the following based on their unique tour experience and accessibility.
  • Shimanami Kaido (2-3 Days)
  • Takayama/Hida (1 Day Tours)
  • Kyoto/Arashiyama (1 Day Tours)
  • Hiroshima (1 Day Tours)
  • Hokkaido (Summer Only Tours)

Two of the most remote cycle tours available in Japan are the Takayama/Hida Cycle Tour and the Shimanami Kaido Cycle Tour, each offering an uniquely secluded tour perspective and each are basically new cycle tours only now available to the public.

For more information, on Cycle Tours in Japan, please contact us.

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