May Sumo Tournament Tour in Tokyo

Sumo Wrestling

The origins of sumo date back 2000 years and the sport is based on strict rituals and traditions. This tour takes you to a real traditional Sumo Tournament in Tokyo where you are able to witness professional sumo wrestlers fight.

The Japanese consider sumo a `gendai budo` (a modern Japanese martial art), though the sport has a history spanning many centuries. The sumo tradition is very ancient, and even today the sport includes many ritual elements, such as the use of salt for purification, from the days sumo was used in the Shinto religion.

This Sumo Tournament Tour includes:
-English-Speaking Guide
-Sumo Tournament Tickets (including sumo matches (intense bouts between the wrestlers), the ring entering procession of the Makuuchi division wrestlers, the ring entering procession of the Yokozuna, the ritual stomping ceremony, and so on)
-Pick-up from various locations in Tokyo

Please contact us for more information about this unique tour!


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