Walking Tours in Tokyo


If you`re in Tokyo and in the mood to stretch your legs, grab the chance to explore the back streets and famous neighbourhoods scattered around Tokyo! Not only will you get to enjoy Japanese street food, but you can also step back in time as you explore the stone-paved paths of the old geisha quarter on our Kagurazaka tour or step into the future of fashion on our Harajuku Walking Tour.

We have three walking tours on offer, for all tastes, including:

A Harajuku Walking Tour including:
-Takeshita Street
-Daiso 100 Yen Shop
-Cat Street
-Omotesando Hills
-Kiddy Land Harajuku
-Jingumae Intersection (Laforet Harajuku)
-English-speaking guide
-Delicious local Harajuku crepe

A Kabukicho Evening Walk including:
-Shinjuku East Exit Shopping Area
-Shinjuku Suehirotei Theater (outside only)
-Hanazono Shrine
-Golden Gai
-Walk through Kabukicho (Ichiban-gai, Chuo-dori, Don Quijote, game arcades, etc.)
-Omoide Yokocho
-English-speaking guide
-Delicious local Kabukicho delicacy

A Kagurazaka Back-streets Walking Tour including:
-Tokyo Daijingu Shrine
-Ushigome Mitsuke & Ushigomebashi Bridge
-Zenkoku-ji Temple devoted to Bishamonten
-Kagurazaka Wakahachiman Shrine
-Koguri Yokocho
-Geisha Shindo, and much more!
-English-speaking guide
-Delicious local Kagurazaka delicacy

Please contact us for more information!

About My Tokyo Guide

My Tokyo Guide Blog was created in collaboration with My Tokyo Guide website to offer additional and up-to-the-date information and pictures about Japan Tours, Climbing Mt. Fuji. Japan hot springs etc.
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