Mt. Fuji Climb & Bullet Train Venture

Why Not! Combine two of Japan’s greatest voyages into one ultimate experience.

Experience nature at its finest by climbing Japan’s unrivalled magnificence highest peak, then experience efficiency and technology at its finest by riding the immaculately clean, comfortable and fast, shinkansen, running at speeds of up to 300kph, more efficient than air travel, and much more comfortable.

BulletClimbing Mt. Fuji is hard enough without having to wait in traffic, the journey to or from Mt. Fuji from Tokyo can take up to 4hrs in peak summer traffic at times. On the other hand, the super-fast bullet train only takes 30mins and there is never traffic. Relax in the perfectly spotless, comfortable bullet train after your Mt. Fuji climb.

Peak-3Your special transport will meet you at the bullet train station and take you direct to Mt. Fuji 5th station, after your climb adventure your transport will return you to the bullet train station so you can continue your journey of exploring Japan.

This plan is ideal for those with a JR Pass and have limited time.

For more information please contact us at HERE:



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