Japan’s World Heritage Sites!

As of July, 2014, there are a total of 18 World Heritage Sites located within Japan.


14 of these are cultural heritage sites, and four are natural. We would like to introduce to you six of these World Heritage Sites here. First up are Japan’s natural sites, and we would like to start with Shiretoko, known as Japan’s last frontier. Next, we have the Shirakami-Sanchi, a forested mountainous area of Siebold’s beech trees untouched by human hands.


For cultural sites, Shirakawa-go is a beautifully preserved example of Japan’s Gassho-style houses. Itsukushima Shrine, with its Otorii built in the sea itself, leaves a powerful impression on visitors. Himeji-jo is said to be the greatest Japanese castle in existence.


The Kii Mountains have a number of temples and shrines built amidst the forests and mountains, and see large numbers of worshippers each year. Visit these and other World Heritage Sites in Japan to experience the real Japan, a Japan filled with verdant forests and cultural masterpieces.

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Fabulous Hakone Onsen Ryokan!!

Tenseien is one of the most famous ryokans in Hakone. It has nice open air bath on the roof top and the view from there is absolutely beautiful. Every season has different great views. My Tokyo Guide can offer you this special ryokan.


There is a garden which is known as a power spot and the waterfalls will make you feel cool and relaxed. The restaurant in the ryokan is also fabulous! Foods are delicious and you can also see great views from there too.



For more information about Tenseien and other fabulous and exciting ryokans, please contact us.

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Ghibli World Famous Animation Museum

In Mitaka, Tokyo, there is the world famous Ghibli animation museum where you can experience the animation creations of Ghibli. Ghibli a Japanese animation started in 1984 by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. They realised several popular fantastic animations including; “My neighbor Totoro”, “Spirited away”, “Howl’s moving castle” “Princess Mononoke” and more.


At the museum, you can see, buy and eat Ghibli food! You will have fabulous time there. The Ghibli tickets are very popular and sometimes hard to purchase, selling out 2 months in advance. My Toyko Guide can offer you a Ghibli museum tour or we can arrange Ghibli tickets!


For more information about tours or tickets please Contact Us

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First Mt. Fuji 2-Day Climb of the Season

We had a little of everything on our first 2-day climb of the season. Our international climbing assemblage commenced the climb in slight showers on the first day. Therefore the group was all too thankful to get out of the rain and appreciate a much needed R&R and a great feast at our Mt. Fuji Mountain Hut. The following day we started out early in the morning, the weather cleared up and the sun came out for our trek to the summit.














For more information about Mt. Fuji Climbs, Please Contact Us or check our Mt. Fuji web site for more details climbing-mt-fuji.com

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Experience the one of a kind Robot Show In Shinjuku!!

Experience the only one of its kind, the Crazy robot show in Shinjuku!! The robot show lasts for 75 intense minutes. The show has a theme where the natives fight bad robot from the future. You can enjoy dancing and singing as well. The dancers are very talented.

For more information, please contact us

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A Mt. Fuji Ryokan with a great view!!

Wakakusa no Yado Maruei (若草の宿丸栄), in Mt. Fuji Lake Kawaguchi Hot Spring, Yamanashi, Tokyo suburbs. The view of Mount Fuji can be enjoyed from the guest rooms with open-air baths and private hot spring baths. Standing next to Lake Kawaguchi.105 mins. by highway express bus from west exit of Shinjuku Sta., Tokyo.



For more information about ryokans or onsen Hotel please contact us:

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Mt.Fuji’s Spectacular Hydrangea Garden!!

Look! Over 100,000 hydrangea blossoms are in full bloom:
lighting up the hills with brilliant purple, red, blue and white.
From the middle of July to the beginning of August:

You can also see another face of Mt.Fuji from the Garden.


How about dropping by the garden before/after cycling or climbing Mt.Fuji?
We can arrange your own original tour.

For more information about this tour please info@MyTokyoGuide.com, make sure you mention Hydrangea Garden Tours.

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June 4th 1-Day Climb

The weather was idea with clear skies, low wind and few climbers for our June 4th 1-Day climb to the summit of Mt. Fuji.






IMG_0194 IMG_3930 IMG_0200






For more information please contact us:

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Mt. Fuji 1-Day Climb (May 30th)

The snow is melting and Mt. Fuji climbers are getting an early head start on the season:
CIMG1584 CIMG1585 CIMG1586 CIMG1589  CIMG1591 CIMG1592 CIMG1594 CIMG1598 CIMG16001 2 3 4

For more information on Mt. Fuji climb, please contact us

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Kyoto’s Ninja Dinner Show!!

Enjoy a Ninja show while eating Japanese authentic dinner!

– DINING THEATER-NINJA is a theatrical restaurant – where guests can enjoy a live Ninja show as well as aesthetic food and drinks

For more information about this tour please contact us:

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