January in Japan

January in Japan from Scott Gold on Vimeo.

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Snow Monkey Tours are here! (1 or 2 days)

Enjoy an exquisite 1 or 2 Day Snow Monkey Tour from Tokyo to view the wild Snow Monkeys soaking in the natural hot springs near the snowy Nagano mountains.

Snow Monkey

Snow Monkey

Take an exciting adventure to Nagano to watch the world-famous “snow monkeys″ relaxing and soaking in the natural hot springs of the Jigokudai Yaen-koen near the snowy Nagano mountains.


Visit Zenko-ji Temple: Zenko-ji is a sacred place that is worshipped for over 1400 years. It enshrines one of the oldest Buddha statues and the main hall is designated a national treasure. It does not belong to any Buddhist sects but has been believed to bring happiness to everyone both in this world and the after world.  Enjoy Japanese Style dinner consisted of various kinds of fresh seafood including tuna, salmons, prawns etc.


Enjoy relaxing in an open-air bath in the snowing surroundings.



Day 1: Tokyo Dep:
– Japanese style Lunch
– Visit Yudanaka Onsen Village
– Enjoy open Air Hot Spring
– Japanese Style Dinner/Stay Onsen Resort Hotel

Day 2: Nagano Dep:
– Breakfast/Yudanaka Shibu Onsen Village
– Jigokudani Yaen-koen (Watch wild monkeys soaking in Onsen hot springs)
– Japanese Style lunch/Zenkoji Temple
– Return to Tokyo

Tour Notes:
* Minimum of 2 Participants required:
* Operated on selected dates only: (Dates from Nov to April)

For more information on Snow Monkey Tours please Contact Us:

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2015 Mt. Fuji Climb Season Almost Over!

The official 2015 Mt. Fuji climbing season is now coming to an end. Last week we completed our last Fujinomiya Route Climb of the season.  All in our climb group
were able to reach the summit and witness a beautiful sunrise as well we were able to return via the less populated Gotemba Route and hike thru the Hoei Crater.

1 2 3 4 5
9 10 22

Please contact us if you are interested in an off-season climb.

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Awesome Mt. Fuji Climb Video (2015)

Recently, we had a client record and upload his Mt. Fuji Climb on YouTube. If you really want to know what a Fuji climb is like, this video by Dillon Hinchliffe will give you a taste: (Video of our Aug 18th/19th 2015 Mt. Fuji Climb Tour)

Published on Aug 24, 2015
(See comments by Dillon below)

This was truly the best experience of my entire life. There is no feeling like it. The challenge, the personal triumph, (although not really a HARD mountain per se), the most gorgeous scenery I will EVER see, and meeting new people. OH! I couldn’t show you (obviously) but I also got to go to a really NICE ONSEN

Thanks Dillon

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The Shadow of Mount Fuji

After Typhoon # 11 Nangka brought over 2 feet of rain to parts of Japan, the weather has been super clear and the temperature has been extremely humid and hot. On Mt. Fuji the temperatures are much cooler and the sunrise for the most part over the last 2 weeks have been simply awesome..









The shadow of Mount Fuji, seen from mount Fuji:


For more information on Mt. Fuji Climbs please contact us: Here

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Enjoy Maiko Show and Japanese Dinner!

When you come to Japan, one of the places you must visit is Kyoto:
How about spending your time with Maiko?

Maiko, Apprentice Geisha, undergoes strict trainings everyday.
As traditional reasons even Japanese people rarely can see Maiko:
Definitely this will be a great experience for you!

We recommend this Tour: River Terrace Dinner with Maiko.
You can watch Maiko performance and Japanese traditional games, with Japanese-Style Dinner on the River Terrace, called “Kawadoko” or just “Yuka” (means Floor) in Japanese.
As the Summer in Kyoto is so hot, they built Terraces on the Kamogawa River: it is much cooler and comfortable there.
This River Terraces are available only in Summer: May to September.

If you are interested in this arrangement please contact us.

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Summer Mt. Fuji Climbs (Clear views from the summit)

Our 10th Mt. Fuji Climb of the season and the weather was unbelievably clear. In the evening and the morning you could clearly see the huge shadow of Mt. Fuji from the mountain itself, (Fuji Kage). Also during the night climb to the summit you could see the night lights as far away as Chiba and Tokyo.

CIMG1674CIMG1673CIMG1675CIMG1678CIMG1687CIMG1692CIMG1690CIMG1687CIMG1689 2CIMG1698CIMG1697CIMG1690

For more information about Mt. Fuji Climbs: Please contact us thru our request form:

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Visit and Watch Sumo Wrestlers At Close Range !

Sumo Stable Tour is very popular in these days.

Sumo is a 1,500 year old Japanese cultural tradition.
You can feel typical Japanese sacred atmosphere there!

Usually they start training in early morning. After that they have lunch and sleep, and at night they eat a lot and sleep again:
This is how they get so big and tough!

Check the availability of this tour in this summer following:

Sumo Stable Tour:
– Aug 20th-30th
– Sept 1st-10th
*Without Sundays.

You can also watch Sumo Grand Tournament in Tokyo on Sept 13th-27th.

If you are interested in these Sumo Tours, please contact us.

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Best Mt. Fuji Climbing Guide Available!

Countless amateur mountaineers climb Mount Fuji every year. Just because the summit is visible from the foothills, however, does not mean that getting there is easy. Climbers should be fully prepared both physically and mentally. And If you’re considering trekking Mount Fuji on your own, there is no better resource available than the “Complete Mt. Fuji Climbing Guidebook“!


Available on amazon.com http://amzn.to/1K9QQr5

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Kamakura’s Historical Temples and Shrines!!

Kamakura is one of the most popular sightseeing spot in Japan. Kamakura was the important city in Japan during the Kamakura period which was ruled by shougun Minamoto. It has numbers of fabulous shrines and temples in the city and you can feel the history of Kamakura there.

Kotoku-in temple is famous for the Great Budda. It is 13.35 meters high and selected for the natural treasure in Japan. Not only you can see but also you can go inside Great Budda and discover it!


At Hase temple you can see beautiful flowers along the path and fabulous scenery from the top. Different flowers can be seen in every season.


We can offer you a great tour in Kamakura!
Please contact us for more information about Kamakura tours.

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