Travel back in time (Shirakawa-go) Japan

Travel back into time to visit old Japan, as it once was!


The Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama are one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These villages are well known for their houses fabricated in the architectural style known as Gasshō-zukuri,

Visit a scenic country village Shirakawago World Heritage Site. Villagers still live in its gassho-zukuri farmhouses peculiar to the village, which attracts many people from home and overseas to visit this popular tourist destinations rich in culuure and nature.shirakawa-go

For more information on shirkawa-go packages and tours please contact us

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Stay at a Ryokan with views of Mt. Fuji!

For fine dining, luxurious rooms and beautiful hot springs look no further than our Ryokan stay in Kawaguchi-ko! With great service, a fantastic selection of rooms (some with private outdoor baths!) and stunning views of Mt. Fuji, there is no place better to plan your getaway. There`s also lots to do in the area, with museums aplenty, a monkey theatre nearby, and outdoor options including hiking, climbing Mt. Fuji, golf, cycling and much more! If that isn`t enough to get you itching to make a booking, note that every single room in this ryokan faces Mt. Fuji! Bicycle rental is also available.

Please contact us to book your stay at this luxurious ryokan with stunning views of Mt. Fuji!

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Book your Mt. Fuji Climb now!

Our Mt. Fuji Climbs are filling up much quicker than previous years! Avoid disappointment and missing the highlight of your Japan trip by booking now for this fantastic adventure!

We have a range of Mt. Fuji tours available, including 1-Day Group, 2-Day Group, 1-Day Private, and 2-Day Private, so there is something for everyone. All tours come with an experienced English-speaking guide, so there is no need to worry about things getting lost in translation!

Please contact us now for more information and to make your booking!

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Flower Fields and Fruit Picking Tour!

Lavender Fields (tours from June to mid-July)

Fantastic for the foodie in everyone, this unique tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy flower fields (with views of Mt. Fuji!), fruit-picking (all-you-can-eat-fruit!), a delicious whole red snow crab/shabu-shabu Japanese lunch, and wine-tasting at a Japanese winery, all in 1 day!

This tour includes:
-English-speaking guide
-Katsunuma Winery Tour
-Wine sampling
-Japanese-style lunch
-Flower Field Viewing at Lake Kawaguchi or Lake Yamanaka (with Mt. Fuji as the backdrop)
-Fruit picking with All-You-Can-Eat-Fruits

Please contact us for more information!

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1-Day Mt. Fuji Climb (for the experienced climber!)


This one-day climb of the famous mountain will leave you with a feeling of great accomplishment – and maybe jelly-legs. Not for the faint-hearted, this 1-day dash to the summit is available as a private or small group tour, and is only for the experienced climber or athletically-inclined. Up for a unique work-out in Japan – a once-in-a-life time adventure? Our Mt. Fuji 1-Day Climb may be for you!

This tour includes:
-Pick-up/drop-off from Shinjuku
-1-Day Fuji Climb
-Experienced English-speaking guide
-All tolls and parking fees

Please contact us for more details!




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Climbing Mt. Fuji: A Complete Guidebook (2nd ed.)

Climbing Mt. Fuji

A fantastic guide for all those planning to climb the great mountain, `Climbing Mt. Fuji`, by seasoned climber Richard Reay, provides accurate reliable information and is the most comprehensive Mt. Fuji climbing resource available in English. The recently released Second Edition of the book includes trail maps, pictures, information on climbing routes, equipment list, list of mountain huts, emergency contact numbers, safety and hazard information, off-season climbing information, a pre-climb training schedule and more.

If you wish to purchase this book, please click here.

For more information about the book, please click here.

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Swordplay in Nagoya!

Japanese swordplay performance

Don`t miss out on the opportunity to view a dramatic swordplay performance on your trip to Japan! This one-of-a-kind tour allows you to delve deep into the history of Japanese sword-making and swordsmanship, with trips to the the Seki Sword Tradition Museum and the famous Cutler Sanshu Knife Shop, where you can watch sword experts duel in a dramatic Japanese swordplay performance!

This tour includes:

-Seki Sword Tradition Museum

-Cutler Sanshu – Seki Knife Shop (with Japanese swordplay performance)

-Japanese-style lunch

-English-speaking guide

-Pick-up/drop-off from Nagoya station

Please contact us for more information!

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Sights of Tokyo Tour

Nihon Minka-en

This tour of Japan`s biggest city offers everything you could want from a 1-day  tour, including seeing Tokyo from different angles (see the fantastic Shibuya Crossing and the Tokyo cityscape from above) and exploring the city`s unusual mix of traditional and modern buildings! No time to visit Takayama/Gokayama/Shirakawago? We`ve got you covered – this tour includes a trip to the Nihon Minka-en, an open-air museum filled with gassho-zukuri houses and oozing Japanese folk charm!

This tour includes:
-A licensed English-speaking guide
-Trip to Nihon Minka-en
-Bird’s eye view of the Shibuya Scramble Intersection
-Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory
-Japanese set lunch
-Odaiba Palette Town
-Admission fees, transportation fees, etc. included in the activities

Please contact us for more information!

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Nikko Tour…with Ninjas?

©Edo Wonderland

This unique tour offers something for everyone, from a guided tour of Nikko Toshogu Shrine led by an English-speaking guide for the history buffs to Nikko Edomura (Edo Wonderland) for those desperate to see a fantastic ninja show! Not only that, but Nikko Edomura (Edo Period-themed!) also offers Oiran shows and many more culturally unique attractions! Oh, and not to mention there`s also free Wi-Fi on the tour bus to Nikko Toshogu Shrine!

This tour includes:
-UNESCO World Heritage Nikko Toshogu Shrine
-Fujiya Kanko Center
-Nikko Edomura
-Pick-up and drop-off from Tokyo
-English-speaking guide (from Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal through to the visit to Nikko Toshogu Shrine)
-Other admission fees and transportation costs included in the tour

Please contact us for more information!

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First Mt.Fuji Climb of the Season! (May 1st)

Compared to last year around the same time (May) there was considerably less snow on Mt. Fuji. Non-the-less crampons were still necessary to scale Japan’s highest peak!












For more information on Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour, please visit this site:

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