Top 10 Spots to View Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

In Tokyo there are numerous picturesque Japanese style gardens and parks that are sufficiently stunning all on their own, however when you cover these with attractive pink cherry blossoms it takes it to a whole new level. In the spring there is an explosion of color with the arrival of the cherry blossoms. The annual cherry blossom display is guaranteed to dazzle your senses.

Please see our list of the top 10 places to view cherry blossoms in Tokyo below:

1# Ueno Park – (Free) Also the most popular place to view Cherry blossoms in Tokyo and with over 1000 trees at its peak in early April is actually seems like it is snowing with cherry blossom at times.

2# Shinjuku Gyoen – (¥200) There is a fee to enter the park, however with the large area it is one of the quiet and peaceful parks in Tokyo.

3# Inokashira Park – (Free) Located near Kichioji (West Tokyo)  the park is centered around a large pond, which offer boat rentals in oder to view the cherry blossom from the water.

4# Koishikawa Botanical Gardens & Korakuen – (¥300) – Koishikawa Korakuen is one of Tokyo’s oldest and most beautiful Japanese landscape gardens. Popular for its Large weeping Cherry Trees which line the park.

5# Chidorigafuchi Koen –  (Free) located near Yasukini Shrine, the cherry trees line the moats around the former Edo castle.

6# Sumida River Park –  (Free) Hundreds of trees line both sides of the Sumida River, best viewed by river cruise at nights as the trees are lit up by colorful lights.

7# Hama-Rikyu Garden  – (¥300) Located alongside Tokyo Bay, with a Seawater ponds. The garden of a feudal lord’s residence during the Edo Period, is one of Tokyo’s most attractive landscape gardens.

8# Meiji Shrine/ Yoyogi Park – (Free) Over 600 cherry trees, offering pleasant picnic opportunities. A few food stands are available. The park gets closed during the night.

9# Rikugien Garden –  (¥300) A huge Traditional Japanese sty;e garden with a central pond, islands, forested areas, man made hills and several teahouses. In the Spring time the large weeping cherry blossoms are lit up at night with gorgeous lighting.

10# Happo-en Gardens – (Free) Located in Tokyo’s fashionable Shirokanedai district, Happo-en whose name means Garden of eight views has maintained the natural beauty of Edo thru the centuries, in the spring time the entire gardens are covered with cherry blossoms.

*For more information on Cherry Blossom Tours, please contact us.

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Japanese proud to see Tokyo named safest city in the world!!


Japan had plenty to boast last week when Tokyo was named as the safest city in the world by The Economist, with Osaka coming in a respectable third. Netizens were proud that even with Tokyo’s famously terrible (and sometimes dangerous) commutes and Osaka’s penchant for strange crimes, the two cities stood out to claim top spots among some of the largest cities in the world.

Click below to find out what made the two Japanese cities rank so high and which other cities made the list!

The study, called The Safe Cities Index 2015, looked at 50 of the biggest cities on every continent and scored them across four safety categories. Aside from personal safety and the risk of violent crime, the ranking took into account health security, infrastructure safety and even how a city protects its citizens’ digital privacy. Tokyo scored highest in the digital security category while its air quality, improving but still relatively poor, kept it down in the health category. Osaka actually beat out Tokyo in the personal safety category by one spot, but its worst performance was in infrastructure where it didn’t even crack the top 10.


See rest of Article Here;

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Tokyo’s Robot Show – It doesn’t get any crazier!

tt12robot-restaurant.0.0tt10Watch Live Video of the Robot Show Here

For Robot Show Tickets please contact us!

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2015 Snow Monkey Tours are Here!

Enjoy an exquisite 1 or 2 Day Snow Monkey Tour from Tokyo to view the wild Snow Monkeys soaking in the natural hot springs near the snowy Nagano mountains.

Snow Monkey

Snow Monkey

Take an exciting adventure to Nagano to watch the world-famous “snow monkeys″ relaxing and soaking in the natural hot springs of the Jigokudai Yaen-koen near the snowy Nagano mountains.


Visit Zenko-ji Temple: Zenko-ji is a sacred place that is worshipped for over 1400 years. It enshrines one of the oldest Buddha statues and the main hall is designated a national treasure. It does not belong to any Buddhist sects but has been believed to bring happiness to everyone both in this world and the after world.  Enjoy Japanese Style dinner consisted of various kinds of fresh seafood including tuna, salmons, prawns etc.


Enjoy relaxing in an open-air bath in the snowing surroundings.



Day 1: Tokyo Dep:
– Japanese style Lunch
– Visit Yudanaka Onsen Village
– Enjoy open Air Hot Spring
– Japanese Style Dinner/Stay Onsen Resort Hotel

Day 2: Nagano Dep:
– Breakfast/Yudanaka Shibu Onsen Village
– Jigokudani Yaen-koen (Watch wild monkeys soaking in Onsen hot springs)
– Japanese Style lunch/Zenkoji Temple
– Return to Tokyo

Tour Notes:
* Minimum of 2 Participants required:
* Operated on selected dates only: (Dates from Jan to April)

For more information on Snow Monkey Tours please Contact Us:

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Mt. Jinba to Mt. Takao (Tokyo’s Long Hike)

Many people already know Tokyo’s Mt. Takao as a famous hiking spot, as it
became well known when it received a Michelin Green Guide three star rating.

However less people know about Mt. Jinba as a hiking spot. Mt. Jinba is located in nearby Kanagawa prefecture and is a higher (at 854 meters) mountain and more changing climb than the more famous Mt. Takao (at 599 Meters).

Even less people know that you can actually climb from Mt. Takao to Mt. Jinba (or vice versa) in one day. The 7 hour hike, is not as challenging as say a Mt. Fuji climb, however it is a longer hike (18 kms) and easy to get lost if you can not read Japanese, so it is not recommended you try this trail alone, trying with someone that has done the trail before or getting a guide to go with you is best. (See Pictures of our Mt. Jinba-Mt. Takao hike below)




B Bb





C CIMG1469 Sign


1-1 2-2 2 3-3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


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Saving the best for Last (Sept Mt. Fuji Climbs)

Right after a typhoon swept thru Japan, the group started off early in the morning under misty and cloudy conditions, but by the time the group reached the summit, around 1:00pm, the sky opened up and the top was completely clear, making for some amazing views from the top of Japan.







7 8 B-1






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Mt. Fuji Nature Tours (Cycle or Walk)

The Mt. Fuji Climbing season is over, however you can still enjoy the nature of Mt. Fuji with a walking or cycle tour: There are several tours that allow you to enjoy the World Heritage Sites around Mt. Fuji: including: Kawaguchi Asama Shrine, scenic Hahano shirataki Falls, Kawaguchi Lake, The nature walk is about 90 minutes long. Lunch is included.


The Mt. Fuji Cycle tour take over 2 hours, and goes around Lake Kawaguchi with a local guide, stopping off at sites like Kawaguchi Asama Shrine along the way! The distance covered is roughly 25 km (15.5 mi). Lunch is included.

Mt. Fuji Cycle Tours

For more information on the Mt. Fuji nature tours, please contact us a, make sure you mention Mt. Fuji Nature Tours.

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Last 2-Day Mt. Fuji Climb of the Season (Rain, Snow and Sun)

1-1 1 2-1 2 3 4 5 6 7-1 7






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Sept 2014 Mt. Fuji Climb

Climbing Mt. Fuji in September is just like climbing Mt. Fuji in the summer but without the crowded Mountain huts and waiting in line on the trail line-ups!

CIMG1370 CIMG1372 CIMG1374 CIMG1375 CIMG1373

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 17 18 21 25 27 31

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Climbing Mt. Fuji (The Hoei Crater Route)






4 5 6 7 8 9 10






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