Walking Tours in Tokyo


If you`re in Tokyo and in the mood to stretch your legs, grab the chance to explore the back streets and famous neighbourhoods scattered around Tokyo! Not only will you get to enjoy Japanese street food, but you can also step back in time as you explore the stone-paved paths of the old geisha quarter on our Kagurazaka tour or step into the future of fashion on our Harajuku Walking Tour.

We have three walking tours on offer, for all tastes, including:

A Harajuku Walking Tour including:
-Takeshita Street
-Daiso 100 Yen Shop
-Cat Street
-Omotesando Hills
-Kiddy Land Harajuku
-Jingumae Intersection (Laforet Harajuku)
-English-speaking guide
-Delicious local Harajuku crepe

A Kabukicho Evening Walk including:
-Shinjuku East Exit Shopping Area
-Shinjuku Suehirotei Theater (outside only)
-Hanazono Shrine
-Golden Gai
-Walk through Kabukicho (Ichiban-gai, Chuo-dori, Don Quijote, game arcades, etc.)
-Omoide Yokocho
-English-speaking guide
-Delicious local Kabukicho delicacy

A Kagurazaka Back-streets Walking Tour including:
-Tokyo Daijingu Shrine
-Ushigome Mitsuke & Ushigomebashi Bridge
-Zenkoku-ji Temple devoted to Bishamonten
-Kagurazaka Wakahachiman Shrine
-Koguri Yokocho
-Geisha Shindo, and much more!
-English-speaking guide
-Delicious local Kagurazaka delicacy

Please contact us for more information!

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May Sumo Tournament Tour in Tokyo

Sumo Wrestling

The origins of sumo date back 2000 years and the sport is based on strict rituals and traditions. This tour takes you to a real traditional Sumo Tournament in Tokyo where you are able to witness professional sumo wrestlers fight.

The Japanese consider sumo a `gendai budo` (a modern Japanese martial art), though the sport has a history spanning many centuries. The sumo tradition is very ancient, and even today the sport includes many ritual elements, such as the use of salt for purification, from the days sumo was used in the Shinto religion.

This Sumo Tournament Tour includes:
-English-Speaking Guide
-Sumo Tournament Tickets (including sumo matches (intense bouts between the wrestlers), the ring entering procession of the Makuuchi division wrestlers, the ring entering procession of the Yokozuna, the ritual stomping ceremony, and so on)
-Pick-up from various locations in Tokyo

Please contact us for more information about this unique tour!

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2015 Mt. Fuji Climbing Tours Are Here!

Back Fuji

Many people find climbing Mt. Fuji the most difficult thing they have ever done in their entire life and at the same time the most rewarding. To climb Mt. Fuji, to be literally above the clouds looking down on the landscape and to witness a breathtaking sunrise can be the experience of a lifetime.

Regardless of age, with proper gear and preparation, reaching the peak of Mt. Fuji is possible and extremely gratifying. As you stare down at the world below, a huge sense of accomplishment can overpower you. And when you realize just how high you have climbed, it is truly a satisfying and memorable experience. It’s hard to put it in to words, but sometimes when you watch the sun rise from the summit on a clear morning – it is almost a spiritual experience.

Sample Itinerary: 2-Day Group Climb:

  • Day 1: Tokyo – Mt.Fuji 5th Station – 8th Station
  • 8:00 Hotel Pick-Up (Leave Tokyo via Chuo Expressway)
  • 11:30 Arrive at Mt.Fuji 5th station (Lunch on your own and prepare to climb)
  • 13:00 Leave Mt.Fuji 5th station via kawaguchiko-Yoshidaguchi ascending route
  • 18:00 Arrive at Mountain Hut -Stay at Mountain Hut (Dinner and Rest)
  • Day 2: 8th Station – Top of Mt.Fuji – 5th Station – Tokyo
  • 2:00 Leave Mountain Hut for summit
  • 4:00 Arrive at summit (Watch the sunrise and enjoy breakfast)
  • 5:30 Leave summit via Yoshidaguchi descending route
  • 9:30 Arrive at 5th station (Lunch on your own and rest)
  • 11:00 Leave 5th station, *Experience Onsen (Return to Tokyo via Expressway)
  • 15:00 Hotel Drop-off

For exact climb dates and to make a booking, please visit our Climbing Mt. Fuji Page.

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Mysterious Koya Tour

Okuno-in Temple ©Wakayama Pref.

Mt. Koya, located in the picturesque Kii Mountain Range and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to a variety of otherworldly temples and mysterious walking routes. With
your English-speaking guide to explain the many shrines, buildings, statues and mandalas
in Mt. Koya on our Mysterious Koya Tour, you will be an expert in no time and will have much to tell your friends and family back at home!

This mysterious Koya Tour includes:
-Sightseeing in Mt. Koya
-Okuno-in Temple
-Danjo Garan Complex (sacred Buddhist site)
-Lunch (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine)
-English-speaking guide
-Transportation to and from Mt. Koya from Osaka

Please contact us to book this tour!

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Kobe Sightseeing Tour for Sake-Lovers!

On this great day tour not only do you get to enjoy the sights of Kobe, you also get
to quench your thirst with some top-quality sake at one of the most famous
breweries in Japan! For those who enjoy walking and a sneaky glass or two, this tour
is the perfect combination of sightseeing and sake-tasting in one of Japan`s
rare `sake towns`!

This Kobe and Sake Tour includes:
-A stroll around Kitano Ijinkan district
-Lunch (at ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe)
-Meriken Park
-Kobe’s famous loop bus
-Japanese Sake Brewery Tour in Nada

Please contact us for more details!

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Wedding Photo Shoot in Tokyo in Traditional Japanese Kimono

Looking to make that perfect memory with your loved one in Japan? Why not have your own private photo shoot, dressed in stunning traditional Japanese kimono, around beautiful locations in Tokyo! Choose from over 80 different garments for your shoot and sit back and relax while the professional make-up, hair artists and photographers get to work. Experience the sights and sounds of Japan with your loved one on a very special day out in Tokyo and take back home with you 2 albums of your shoot and a DVD of 100 specially edited shots!

In this unique experience enjoy:
-Care from professional photographers and makeup artists who are active in the industry in Japan and around the world
-Selecting and trying on clothes for the shoot from more than 80 garments
-Photo shoot in location of your choice (choose from a chapel, Odaiba area, Shiba Park (Tokyo Tower area), or inside a Shinto shrine).
-Extra Photo shoot in Asakusa (where you can have your pictures taken while riding a rickshaw! )
-A large album
-A small album
-DVD of 100 specially edited shots

Please contact us for more information!

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Maiko Makeover in Kyoto

What better way to enjoy Japanese culture and get some professional trip pics taken at the same time than to dress up in a beautiful kimono and get a traditional Maiko (apprentice Geisha) makeover in Kyoto? Right in the middle of the sightseeing area of Kyoto, not only is the studio easily accessible, but also located inside a refurbished teahouse in Gion built in the early 1900s and right near Yasaka Shrine.

This Makeover Experience includes:
-Dressing in a kimono
-Use of accessories
-Photo shoot
-4 large-size photos (127 by 178 mm / 5 by 7 in)
-Sticker photos

Make sure to book this fun and memorable experience for you and your friends in Kyoto!
Please contact us for more information.

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4-Day Hokkaido Food and Nature Tour

Buffet at Otaru Unga Shokudo

Check out our great 4-day Hokkaido trip for nature lovers and foodies alike, with visits to Otaru, Yotei Natural Spring, Onuma Quasi-National Park as well as a Five Star buffet restaurant and Shiroi Koibito Park! Who could want anything more?!

This fantastic Hokkaido trip includes:
-Shiroi Koibito Park
-Walk through Otaru
-Mr. Mishima`s Private Garden
-Niseko Northern Resort
-Yotei Natural Spring
-Silo Observatory
-Lake-Hill Farm
-Bear Park
-Sobetsu Fruit Village
-Onuma Quasi-National Park
-5-Star Buffet restaurant
-Trappistine Monastery or Goryokaku Park
-Walk through Motomachi and Bay area
-Night-time view from Mt. Hakodate
-English-speaking staff
-Sightseeing included in the itinerary (varies depending on season)

Please contact us for more information!


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Tsukiji Market Tours 2015


On all of our three tours not only will you get a chance to observe the immense volumes and exotic kinds of sea-life in the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world and also one of the largest wholesale food markets of any kind, but you also get the opportunity to see the unique craftsmanship of the Tsukiji workers, and a chance to see first hand the inner-social workings of a deeply rooted fish loving culture. From the large tuna fisherman to the skilled sushi chef, Tsukiji is a place of tradition.


Check out our three great Tours on offer!

Tuna Auction and Tsukiji Walking Tour:
Time: 3.30a.m.-8.00a.m.
Theme: Watch the live Tuna Auction and enjoy walking tour of Tsukiji’s outer market
Meeting Place: Tsukiji Station or your Hotel
Dates Available: Most Days but National Holidays and Sundays
Tour Includes: Professional English Speaking Guide and Sushi Breakfast

Tsukiji Fish Market Walking Tour:
Time: 8:45am ~ 12:00pm
Theme: Walking Tour of Tsukiji Fish (Visit both the inside and outside markets)
Meeting Place: Tsukiji Station or your Hotel
Dates Available: Most Days but National Holidays and Sundays
Tour Includes: Professional English Speaking Guide and Sushi Breakfast

Tsukiji Fish Market Tour and Cooking Class:
Time: 9:00am ~ 1:00pm
Theme: Walking Tour of Tsukiji and Cooking Class
Meeting Place: Tsukiji Station
Dates Available: Most Days but National Holidays and Sundays
Tour Includes: Tsukiji Fish Market Tour and Cooking Class (Tempura, Sushi & Miso Soup)

These tours include the following:
• Professional Private English-Speaking Guide • Sushi Breakfast • Hotel meet from your hotel also available

Please contact us for more information!

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Flower Tour at 2 Famous Flower Parks from Tokyo

Visit both of Japan`s most famous flower parks, Hitachi Seaside Park and Ashikaga Flower Park, in 1 day on this fantastic bus tour from Tokyo! Enjoy flower viewing of a hillside covered in an array of vivid blue Nemophila, hundreds of enchanting wisteria vines, a walk through the 80-meter-long tunnel of white and yellow wisteria vines, viewing of colorful tulips, azalea and many more!! This tour also includes a shopping stop in Mito!

The price for this tour is ¥9,900 per person (plus tax) and includes:
-Bento-box lunch
-Flower viewing in Japan`s two most famous flower parks
-English-speaking guide
-Bus Tour from and to Tokyo

Make sure to contact us for more information!

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