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Mt. Fuji – Summit Sunrise

The weather was perfect and the Sunrise was spectatural by far the best of this season! Advertisements

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Mt. Fuji Climb Season has began!

Yosuke and Richard have already taken several groups to the summit of Mt. Fuji this year: With less snow then previous years the climbing season has started early this year!   For more information about our 2016 Mt. Fuji Climbs … Continue reading

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1st Mt. Fuji Climb of Season

Started early this year! April 23rd 2016 (Sat) 1st Mt. Fuji Climb of the Season! Officially all the routes are still closed, but if you know the right access doing a 1-day climb is still possible with a professional Guide. … Continue reading

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2015 Mt. Fuji Climb Season Almost Over!

The official 2015 Mt. Fuji climbing season is now coming to an end. Last week we completed our last Fujinomiya Route Climb of the season.  All in our climb group were able to reach the summit and witness a beautiful … Continue reading

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Awesome Mt. Fuji Climb Video (2015)

Recently, we had a client record and upload his Mt. Fuji Climb on YouTube. If you really want to know what a Fuji climb is like, this video by Dillon Hinchliffe will give you a taste: (Video of our Aug … Continue reading

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The Shadow of Mount Fuji

After Typhoon # 11 Nangka brought over 2 feet of rain to parts of Japan, the weather has been super clear and the temperature has been extremely humid and hot. On Mt. Fuji the temperatures are much cooler and the … Continue reading

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Best Mt. Fuji Climbing Guide Available!

Countless amateur mountaineers climb Mount Fuji every year. Just because the summit is visible from the foothills, however, does not mean that getting there is easy. Climbers should be fully prepared both physically and mentally. And If you’re considering trekking … Continue reading

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1-Day Mt. Fuji Climb (for the experienced climber!)

This one-day climb of the famous mountain will leave you with a feeling of great accomplishment – and maybe jelly-legs. Not for the faint-hearted, this 1-day dash to the summit is available as a private or small group tour, and … Continue reading

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Saving the best for Last (Sept Mt. Fuji Climbs)

Right after a typhoon swept thru Japan, the group started off early in the morning under misty and cloudy conditions, but by the time the group reached the summit, around 1:00pm, the sky opened up and the top was completely … Continue reading

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Climbing Mt. Fuji (The Hoei Crater Route)

The Hoei Crater is the largest crater on Mt. Fuji created by eruptions of Mt. Fuji in 1707. These eruptions created three craters in this area.  Mt. Fuji Hoei Crater can be accessed from both the Fujinomiya Route and the … Continue reading

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